Matthew Chapdelaine

Game Design Student Charlestown, MA

Know ye not of Hurricane Wings?

A Marine, Witch, Tech Geek, Artist, Writer, Brony, Anime and Manga Fan, Animation and Game Design Student, and Poet are things you could describe me as. I graduated High School in 1999, and then Quinsigamond Community College with a Personal Computer Specialist Certificate. I also spent 4 years in The United States Marine Corps, and I’m currently studying Game Design at Full Sail University Online. I have a webcomic, and I’m starting Animation as a hobby using Toon Boom Harmony. I converted to Wicca in 1997, and I’ve been a Brony since 2010. I’ve been a fan of Anime and Manga since the early 90's, and I’ve been a Writer and Poet since 1995, which is when I started a love affair with technology. I’ve always loved drawing and coloring, but I’m starting to take it seriously in my webcomic efforts.